USED Moped

Moped Direct has sold almost 20,000 mopeds since our inception in 1989, whereas most moped stores in Hawaii have been in business less than 5 years.

We have also sold and repaired almost every moped from every country ever made ; our knowledge in this business is second to none. All of Mopeds Hawaii mopeds are manufactured to our specifications and parts are retrofitted from the best known manufactures today; the transmission and crankshaft bearings are the same ones that Yamaha uses and the crankshaft, the "heart" of our engines, are custom manufactured in Taiwan for Mopeds Hawaii.

Our engines are fully modifiable out of the box and the warranty is still valid if your engine is modified; that goes to show you the quality of our engines. We are not smoke and mirrors saying these are made for Mopeds Hawaii specification, our moped engines are actually designed to our specifications.

What does this mean for you ? It means a more reliable and longer lasting moped than any other of our competitors, we gaurantee it. Mopeds Hawaii constantly strives to improve our product which means less problems for you and less maintenance cost for you in the long run.